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Breaking Down Communication Barriers for Chronic Pain Patients

I-Engage, I-Quantify, and the I-Engage Community were created by Myoguide Inc. Myoguide Inc. has been working in the patient rehabilitation industry, designing portable EMG injection guidance devices, for over a decade.

Through our work addressing muscular disorders, like cervical dystonia and spasmodic torticollis, we identified a need to address barriers in communication between the patient and the clinician. It’s clear that better communication leads to better health outcomes, especially for chronic pain. So, we developed our apps to support an integrated approach to breaking down communication barriers for chronic pain patients.
Further, we understood the power that engaged, empowered patients have over their health. We wanted to give chronic pain patients the tools, knowledge, and confidence to better self-manage their condition. What better way to do that than to establish community?
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How Health Communities
Can Empower Patients

Studies show that online health communities can empower patients through providing social support and access to information. In the I-Engage Community, we’ve combined elements of learning and social support to help patients take back control of their daily lives.

We hope to make the journey of addressing chronic pain more accessible and engaging for our users. With that, we are thrilled to introduce I-Engage, I-Quantify, and the I-Engage Community.

Our Team

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Dr. Evan Friedman

Dr. Evan has over 3 decades of experience as a healthcare provider, carrying out clinical research, and medical device development. Through his work and personal experience of living with chronic pain, he has identified many opportunities to improve patient care through digital health initiatives, better communication and social support. As a US Pain Foundation trained support group leader, he is looking forward to further contributing to our community.

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Hannah Friedman
Manager of Learning and Community

Hannah uses her knowledge of health promotion, knowledge translation, and community development to manage the I-Engage Community. With a background in public health, she designs self-management courses and facilitates discussions about living well with chronic pain. She has created a foundation of kindness and inclusion for the community.

Dr. Evan and Hannah are trained Chronic Pain Support Group Leaders. You can learn more about and book our free online support groups on our Support Groups page.

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