Sleep and Chronic Pain

This course will teach you how sleep and chronic pain are related and how getting better sleep can improve pain. You will learn techniques to regain control of your sleep.
I-Engage · September 17, 2020

Sleep and chronic pain are interconnected. You might not be able to sleep due to pain. Then, your pain levels become harder to manage because you’re tired. Unfortunately, this becomes a vicious cycle. A continuous lack of sleep can worsen your pain.

This course is all about sleep. We will cover how sleep works, how sleep is related to pain, and several ways you can take control of your sleep. After taking this course, you will better understand your own sleep patterns. The goal here is to take away some ideas to help yourself get some more restful sleep.

The course includes the following lessons:

  • The Science of Sleep
  • Sleep and Chronic Pain
  • Sleep Hygiene: Habits for Better Sleep
  • Stimulus Control: Cueing Sleep
  • Lifestyle Changes to Support Sleep

In addition to the lesson content, we’ve included some worksheets to help your sleep patterns. The worksheets are aimed at helping you set sleep related goals, track your sleep, and check that your sleep environment/behaviors are ideal.

The following worksheets are included:

  • Sleep for Pain Goal Planner
  • Sleep Diary
  • Sleep Hygiene Checklist

There is also a Sleeping Social Group you can join. This group is a place where you can discuss your sleeping habits and issues with others experiencing similar problems.

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