I-Engage Community Guidelines: Welcome!

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Welcome to the I-Engage Community! Below are our community guidelines, created to ensure that the community is thriving. We want everyone to be safe and feel welcome, and to keep the community free from spam and scams. Further, we want the information that you find here to be accurate and relevant. Please no conspiracy theories!

I-engage community

Please read through the I-Engage Community Guidelines and make sure you understand these policies. There is a graphic and the end of this post that summarized the main points for future reference.

I-Engage Community Guidelines

The purpose of this community is to gather people living with chronic pain who would like to better self-manage their condition. Through engaging with our community, we hope you can learn new pain management strategies, gain confidence in your health decisions, and support one another.

This is a safe space where you and other I-Engage Community members can come to feel validated and heard. So, it is important that everyone feels welcome and is able to share.

Further, we operate using the following values: Kindness, Empowerment, Perseverance, and Well-Being. Many of the following guidelines are related to upholding our values within the community.

To maintain a community that is respectful, where we are all free to engage, please follow these guidelines when engaging in the community.

Respect each other:

  • Please be nice; we are a kind community
  • We do not tolerate any hateful or discriminatory comments. This includes any harmful comments about race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, appearance, disabilities, etc. We are an inclusive and intersectional community. Bigoted behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Do not threaten, attack, or act maliciously towards other members.
  • Trolling of any sort and bullying are prohibited.
  • It is important to realize that we all have different perspectives. We welcome different opinions but please be respectful.
    • Note: Everyone is entitled to their own health decisions. Please respect other member’s choices, even if you wouldn’t choose the same for yourself.  

Keep safety in mind:

  • Be mindful of the info you share here. Refrain from sharing personal info that will identify you or someone else. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, home/work addresses, etc.
  • Please do not post sexual content unless it is directly related to a chronic pain condition or is regarding a quality-of-life issue. Regardless, sexually revealing or explicit photos or videos (media in general) are not allowed in the community.
    • Note: This includes during our online chronic pain support groups. Individuals who violate this guideline during support groups will be removed or blocked. This is up to the Support Group Leader’s discretion.

Post the right information:

  • Do not post or spread false information. We want to share evidence-based information or personal experiences.
  • Do not give medical advice.
  • Do not impersonate others in this community. This includes using other people’s photos. Please be yourself!

No spamming, scamming, or soliciting:

  • Do not spam this community. We want to keep this community open for discussion and not clogged up with junk.
  • Scams of any sort will not be tolerated.
  • Solicitation will not be allowed in this community. This includes advertising for personal gain (e.g., your products, services, websites, etc.).

If you have any concerns about these guidelines, feel free to ask questions below or send us a message. You can access the terms of conditions of I-Engage here: https://i-engage.community/terms-and-conditions/ 

This community is moderated to ensure that these guidelines are followed. If any of these guidelines are violated, we reserve the right to delete posts or comments. If this occurs, we will follow-up with a personal message to remind you of the community guidelines.

Members who break these rules multiple times will be removed from the community. Breaking some rules will result in immediate removal from the community. This includes posting or sharing scams, threats, hate speech, and anything that threatens the well-being of the community on a case-by-case basis.

Removal from online support groups is up to the Support Group Leader’s discretion if they feel the I-Engage Community Guidelines have been violated during a session. Further action will be taken in agreement with the Community Manager.

Thank you for joining our community and respecting our guidelines. Welcome!


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