Support for Your Chronic Pain

Chronic pain support groups are a place where you don’t have to explain yourself: everyone gets it! We listen to each other and connect on a level that many can’t.

We have two types of sessions to choose from:

  1. Our chronic pain support groups are more of an open discussion. There will usually be a theme for each support group, where a topic is introduced and then can be discussed by all participants.
  2. Our multi-part webinar series on chronic pain management strategies are comprised of a formal seminar on a specific topic, which is then followed up with a discussion, where everyone can participate.

To view your upcoming support group bookings, select My Chronic Pain Support Session.  These sessions currently happen once per month.  We expect to increase availability according to demand and available support group leaders.

The multi-part webinar series can be booked in part, or entirely, according to your preference.  These sessions happen once per month

Here’s what to expect at our chronic pain support groups: 

  • We start with introductions.
  • We discuss a chronic pain topic or theme for the session (e.g., sleep, diet, grief, loss, coping with isolation).
  • Participants share their experiences with the topic, and provide support to one another.
  • The leader wraps up and summarizes some take away concepts covered within the session.
  • We like to end off each session with one of our meditation videos to promote contemplation and relaxation before we sign off. 

Meeting Guidelines and Etiquette

  • Participants are on mute for first portion
  • During Q&A please “raise your hand” through “Participants” icon at bottom and we will unmute you – Please mute yourself once done speaking
  • Keep questions on topic
  • If responding to another participant, be careful not to “rescue” or give advice; we are here to validate and support
  • Remember different treatments work differently for everyone – be respectful of other opinions
  • If you are interested in attending either a support group or a webinar, you can scroll down this page, and book a spot using our booking system.
  • You must agree to the “Support Group Rules” before being allowed to book.
  • Press the appropriate appointment session to check availability and select your day.

Medical Guidelines

  • We do not endorse or recommend the use of any particular medication, remedy, product, procedure or therapy.
  • Information in any support group or webinar is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding your individual medical condition and the appropriate treatment.
  • If you feel that your medical condition(s) are adversely affected  by your participation in any of these chronic pain support groups or webinars, it is your responsibility to discontinue participation and to immediately consult with your healthcare provider.

Chronic Pain Support Group Rules

  1. You must agree to the “Support Group Rules” in advance of the meeting.
  2. Support group calls are confidential. Do not share identifying details of group members.
  3. The groups are led by people with chronic pain and/or caregivers.
  4. We do not discuss doctors or medications or provide medical advice. We are an educational/support group, not a medical group.
  5. Please do not give advice. You can share what has been helpful for you.
  6. Please be respectful and avoid inappropriate language. This is a safe place. We are inclusive of all races, ages, genders and identities. Discriminatory language will not be tolerated.
  7. No cross talk or talking over others.
  8. Every participant will be given an opportunity to speak. Please limit your response time to 2-3 minutes. And please keep on topic
  9. You can elect to PASS if you do not want to speak.
  10. The “Chat” feature is only to be used for posting resources, and saying farewell, if you must leave before the sessions ends.

Our Chronic Pain Support Group leaders have been trained through the US Pain Foundation’s Pain Connection support group leader training program. 

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