Welcome to our video library.  Please enjoy anyone of these videos, and remember

to respect your personal limits to get the most out of them.

We do plan to add more videos to our library on a regular basis.  Please stay tuned!


Welcome to the I-Engage Community Video Library. You’ll find follow-along stretching, yoga, and meditation videos that are supportive of chronic pain.


When following these routines, please respect your personal limits and listen to your body. Do not push yourself past the point of discomfort.  


We will be adding more videos to this library on a regular basis. Please check back soon!

Low Impact Stretching

Stretching is beneficial to people living with chronic pain. It can help improve range of motion and circulation and reduce muscle stiffness. These videos demonstrate low impact stretching, that is gentle yet effective.

Remember to stretch within your personal limits.

This video demonstrates low impact stretches for the hands and fingers. Practice the reps at your own pace, within your limits.

This video shows more gentle stretches for the hands and fingers. Follow along at your own pace.


This video demonstrates low impact stretches for the feet and toes. This video uses some props like rollers and balls. Follow along with the video at your own pace, within your limits.

Low Impact Yoga

Yoga connects the mind and body. Experts suggest that yoga can be great for people living with chronic pain. Practicing yoga regularly can improve flexibility, reduce inflammation, build strength, and help you cope with pain.

Yoga incorporates four core elements: physical postures, breathing, exercise, and meditation.

Remember to practice within your personal limits; there are always safe adaptations you can make when practicing yoga, so you don’t hurt yourself.

Breath-led Gentle Floor Yoga Session, relaxing yoga session safely on the floor

You will need a yoga mat or towel and any other props that enhance your comfort when laying on the ground.

Gentle, relaxing yoga session with adaptations for practicing on the floor or in a chair.

You will need a yoga mat or a towel if you are following the session from the floor. Otherwise, you can follow along from a seated position in a chair.


Meditation incorporates an element of mindfulness. Being mindful is being aware of the present moment, escaping our tendency to hyper-focus on the past or the future.


Meditation is being mindful of your inner processes (e.g., your thoughts, your feelings). You bring your attention to the present moment in your mind and let go of any thoughts without judgement.


This practice has been found to help some people with chronic pain. Research has shown that meditation uses neural pathways that makes the brain less sensitive to pain and increases the use of pain-reducing neurotransmitters. 


Sit or lay in a comfortable position when meditating.

This relaxation meditation is aimed at helping you relax. It will help facilitate the release of tension and stress that you are carrying with you.

This mediation supports self-love. It will help you connect and build a stronger relationship with yourself, while being more present.

This is a progressive muscle relaxation meditation. It will help you relax your mind and body to let go of tension.

This is a visualization meditation; you will practice imagery as you visit a peaceful place of your creation.

This is a visualization meditation; you will visit a peaceful forest in the mountains. The visualization will help you feel calm.

User Discretion Advised

These videos are not medical advice or treatment plans. They are not a substitute for legitimate treatment plans or therapies prescribed by your healthcare team. Please consult your doctor before performing any physical activities; they may advise against it based on your personal medical history. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties involved in the creation of these videos, including (but not limited to) subsidiaries, officers, employees, and contractors, for any (and all) losses, injuries, or damages resulting from any (and all) claims that arise from the use or misuse of any of these videos. The parties involved make no representations about the accuracy or suitability of any content.